Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Samsunged: The First Blog

Hi and welcome to Samsunged! I'm still in the process of fixing and customizing this blog. Because this is my first article, let me introduce you about Samsunged. This is a technology blog where you can find news, reviews, and editorials about Samsung mobile gadgets which include smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, etc.

How was I able to come up with the name? There was a series of funny TV ads about the Galaxy S II in the US. One actor exclaimed, "We just got Samsunged!".

I'm enthusiastic about Samsung because of their innovation and cutting edge technologies that quickly respond to the fast-changing demands of their customers. Because of this, they are now the number 1 mobile phone company in the world. There are many tech sites on the internet, but only a few are dedicated to Samsung. I'd like to create a site comparable to Macworld and CrackBerry, websites that are dedicated to Apple and BlackBerry respectively.

I assume there are many people out there who'd like to read only about the latest news, reviews, and articles  on Samsung: the mobile products they consider the best  So for people who love the Samsung Mobile brand, this blog is for you. 

Let's get Samsunged!

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